Sunday, December 25, 2011

Asia CD : Quoc Khanh & Dan Nguyen

WESTMINSTER (NV) - "The song 'Remember Me' is a song that was composed of General Le Minh Dao during his 18 years of Communist imprisonment, the song 'Remember Me' author to speak emotionally Trade Me of a child without knowing exiled day return visit to the old mother.
Besides the 'Remember Me' is said to be flowing with disappointment when the melt water loss, all of which fall into the hands of the enemy port, through which his death sentence to Nguyen Van Thieu: 'Do not listen to what the Communist The reviews say, but look what the Communists do 'show is always right for every situation, time, "writer Muong Giang, from Honolulu told the Vietnamese newspaper.

This is the introduction to the song "Me Mother 'is also the main theme in his new CD" I Remember "by both singing and Dan Nguyen Quoc Khanh same presentation, Central Asia has just released over the weekend .

CD "I Remember" includes 10 songs like: Me Mother, A Farewell to Arms Mai, then each other, Kiếp passion, Say, the City back, I not die UK to Top Gun, The City preview Sad, Love End Oil.

"This is the CD that includes many older viewers as we love, two singers and Dan Nguyen Quoc Khanh showed complete songs such as Love End Oil, British English or not die In the Horn, and in music from his mother, then said, very emotional and touching many people listen to, "said Trinh Vinh Thuy, an audience in San Diego, said his impression after listening to this CD
Works CD "Remember Me" songs collected by many authors, musicians such as: General Le Minh Dao, South Asia, shortening, Bank Trang, Vietnam Thu Anh Tran Thien Thanh, Duy Quang, Lam Phuong & Y Communications Vu Tien.

Harmony composed by Truc Sinh, Truc Ho, Sy Dan and Khanh Quoc.

If you want to know: "Is the combination of a singer's romantic music and a professional singer of country music may be the right choice or not?" Please bring CD listening to "Me Lady" because that will be very clear answer for you.


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